About BoxOffice
Enterprise Information Management

BoxOffice enables customers to explore service capabilities of an organization and subscribe to services seamlessly. Empower Sales, CRM, Solution engineers to formulate and transform customer expectations into business process flow and solutions.

Why BoxOffice?

Workflow-driven, AI-enhanced platform to exercise total control over business processes

Workflow Setup

Choose from proven, battle-tested workflow templates and packaged solutions such as out-of-the-box mailroom, lockbox, document management, and contract management solutions. Customize your own workflow to fit your specific business needs using the powerful Plexus workflow engine. Setting up complex work steps like data aggregation, manual intervention, and exception management are click-button simple. Easy configuration of deployment and infrastructure models to meet compliance requirements.

JET Contextual Intelligence and Automation

Powerful OCR engines ensure all information in documents is unlocked. Contextually-sensitive classification engines identify doctypes, content-included, content-missing, and other decision-crucial tags to engage smart routing. Natural Language Processing to recognize and extract data elements in unstructured documents. Distill complex sentences into precise data points. Maintain contextual integrity across disparate data streams. Assemble entire data portfolios, across time and source.

Integrated Work Modules

Role-based access to customized dashboards and control panels. Smart routing allows for timely processing based on elements such as doctype, SLA requirements, priority flags, geographical sensitivity. Easy integration with external work applications to facilitate seamless continuity. Offline mode allows productivity when no network is available.

Storage, Archival and Retrieval

Choose from your preferred method of storage. Wide selection of database formats. Powerful omnisearch based on Apache Lucene allows convenient access today no matter where it resides in your data galaxy. Managed storage solution means never worry about size limitations. Seamless integration with Plexus workflow platform to facilitate access to your data on your terms.

Reporting and Analytics for Everyone

Use dashboards and visual tools during every phase of the BoxOffice cycle to make sure you know exactly what is being processed at any given time. Ensure full visibility of volume, productivity, throughput, and audit metrics. Ability to integrate predictive analytics to further drive efficiency within your organization. Use our existing library of algorithms, or write your own. Generate alerts for almost any event, whether it’s a document level work exception, or a program level milestone. Deploy alerts through email, SMS, mobile notifications, or in-platform. Optional deployment of Athena Business Intelligence platform allows for even greater insight.

Push-button Integration with Process Solutions

BoxOffice acts as a base layer with other SourceHOV/BancTec process solutions like BancPay Accounts Payable solution, Peri Expense Management solution, to provide even greater downstream efficiency throughout your entire organization. Integration with additional modules is as simple as filling out a form. Experience the benefits and speed of an integrated system, designed to work end-to-end.

Enhanced Modular Features

Add modules to fit your enterprise needs

Feature Description Included?
Document Management System Document conversion, intelligent search function, paper, PDF, XML, scanned image, web form and electronic transmissions. Yes!
Master Data Management Consolidate your anchor data such as core content (publishing), production(manufacturing, retail), with key ancillary data such as sales projections to form a complete view of your enterprise Yes!
ECM Combine data from all system of the digital and paper ecosystem for simple access Yes!
Accounts Payable Couple with BancPay to submit and receive invoices and more in any format quickly and securely. Improve cash flow, speed up approval, reduce invoicing errors and overheads. Available!
Lockbox Manage all types of paper remittances for immediate posting and reconciliation. Rapid funds deposit and availability with analytics to enhance cash forecasting. Available!
Customer Experience Management Control all aspects of customer communication: print and mail, ePresentment, emails, call center, social media and more Available!
CourtQ Prepare your legal department for every situation and keep track of judgements and court dockets and associated data in real time. Available!
Contract Management Automatic lease abstraction, organize lease portfolios, and keep track of key dates Available!

Financial Solutions

Ingest and route paper and electronic documents such as invoices, purchase orders, and payments in any format. Attach to BancPay platform to seamlessly facilitate submission, reception, and payment. Manage contracts, legal agreements, and other documents with easy external collaboration, and automatic alerts based on data points mined in the data. Take advantage of out-of-the-box lockbox solutions. Connect easily to Business Communication Services to deploy both print-and-mail communications and electronic communicaions.

Government Solutions

Transform your agency data, documents, and records into mission-critical content. Support for complex information processes at all levels, including tax and revenue departments, regulatory agencies, attorneys general, courts and internal counsel, and health, benefits, and social service.

Legal Solutions

Take advantage of solutions for corporate counsels, law firms, and government attorneys. Ensure reliable and secure claims administration. Simplify the discovery process using BoxOffice's state-of-the-art data mining capabilities. Subscribe to the optional CourtQ module to intelligently track court dockets, and receive case summaries from judicial systems around the world.

Manufacturing and Industrial Solutions

Keep mission-critical documents, data, and notes accessible to employees who need them. Facilitate knowledge transfer between employees and groups. Connect directly to ERP systems to help manage inventory levels and orders. Be ready at a moments notice in case of a recall need.

Retail Solutions

Reign in essential services like high-turnover human resource screening, on-boarding, and insurance and supplier contract management. Easily connect to existing payroll platforms to make sure your organization is running tightly.

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